Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible WorldIslamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

Behind the Scenes

Film Production Credits

Executive Producers: Alexander Kronemer Michael Wolfe

Producer/Director: Rob Gardner

Narrator: Susan Sarandon

Producer/Production Manager: Char Gardner

Writer/Co-producer: Carrie Gardner

Original Music Composer: Charles David Denler

Director of Photography: Nick Gardner

Additional Cinematography: Shawn Baron Regis Becker Rob Gardner

Camera Assistant: Jason Remeikis

DIT/Sound: Jeremy Morrison Jon Race

Lighting Technicians: Shawn Baron Mark Hutchings Thomas Neivolt

Jib Operator/Dolly Grip: Shawn Baron

Hair and Make-Up Ariel Cassarella: Cheryl Kinion

Production Coordinator: Mali Amadou Thiam

Djenne Coordinator: Lassine Kayentao

Production Services: India Earthcare Productions Ltd.

Art Director Re-enactments: Iran Majid Mirfakraei

Editor/Computer Graphics:  Jeremy Morrison

3D Mosque Animation: Suleymaniye Jon Race

3D Mosque Animation: Djenne Zamani Research Group University of Cape Town

Voice-over: Djenne Ahmadou Hama el Hady Maiga

Sound Mixing: Clean Cuts

Film Transfer: Colorlab

Art and Architecture Consultants: Sheila S. Blair Jonathan M. Bloom

Archival: The David Museum, Copenhagen The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore The Bridgeman Art Library Said Nuseibeh Photography Metropolitan Museum of Art The Trustees of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Aerial Photography for Archaeology in the Middle East

Transcriptions: Rogers Word Service

For Unity Productions Foundation: Jawaad Abdul Rahman - Director of Development, Daniel Tutt - Outreach Director, Patricia Langan – Managing Director, Sarah Kalimullah – Development Coordinator, Zeki Göbelez – Business Coordinator, Bill Murray – Financial Advisor, Fernando Cevallos – IT Coordinator, Léna Sulpovar - Outreach Associate, Haley Wright – Intern

Special Thanks: Russ Suniewick, Mette Korsholm, Anne-Marie Bernsted, Violet Diallo, Hasseye Maiga, Swati Khanna, D. Ruggles Fairchild, Mohammad al-Asad, Noha Bakr, Heinz Ruther, Huda Totonji, John Voll, Kjeld von Folsach, the Board of Directors and staff of The David Museum.

This program was produced by Unity Productions Foundation, which is solely responsible for its content.

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

Watch videos and flip through photos of art from the Islamic world.


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Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World

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